City of Seven Seraphs - A Planar Campaign Capstone for PFRPG

Created by Lost Spheres Publishing

The City of Seven Seraphs is a Campaign Capstone sourcebook for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game©. Inspired by epic adventures in the Planes of the 2nd Edtion of the World's Oldest Fantasy RPG, The City of Seven Seraphs will bring a home to planar adventure for the Pathfinder gaming community and infuse existing campaigns with a new level of otherworldly reality.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Physical Fulfillment is at 99%... and Akashic Realms 1 is out!
5 months ago – Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 09:17:22 PM

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Physical Fulfillment is starting!
7 months ago – Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 12:42:44 AM

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Backers: Please Verify Addresses!
8 months ago – Sun, May 26, 2019 at 07:08:18 PM

Proof copies looking fantastic!
Proof copies looking fantastic!

Greetings Backers!

The production proofs look great and the books are on the boat!  Arrival to customs should be just a couple weeks away so please get your addresses verified in the next few weeks as that we will begin shipping after the forwarder moves them to us.  

A note about addresses: We will default to the BackerKit Addresses first and then Kickstarter if you did not fill out a BackerKit survey.

We also turned back on the Pre-Order links if people want to add a HC (or additional HC copies) to go out in the first wave of shipping. You can get those here: 

Thank you so much for all the patience and support!

- Lost Spheres

Initial PDF Release!
11 months ago – Sat, Mar 16, 2019 at 12:24:44 AM

Final Cover Image!
Final Cover Image!


The PDF release is out!

All PDF level backers should have received download codes via DriveThruRPG/OBS today. Please message us if you did not receive the code. We are getting the color proof ordered and will be sending files to the printer soon.

Thank you for the love, patience, and feedback...

Words fail us.

Integrating Backer Feedback & Determining the Future of the City of 7 Seraphs
11 months ago – Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 09:02:04 PM

New Map Design!
New Map Design!

Backers! At the end of December we asked you for feedback on the alpha PDF and you did not disappoint! Over the last five weeks we received a flood of awesome insights, observations, and requests for clarifications (and edits). We have been improving 3pp compatibility (with rules systems like Spheres of Power, and Akashic Mysteries), tweaking game mechanics, adding new reference tools, and refining presentation (see above).

Thank you for all the kind words, suggestions, and helpful critique.

Sorting through all of the feedback has been a challenging and labor intensive task but it will make the final book MUCH better. And we are nearly wrapped up with everything that we have got (some as recently as a few days back) but we are hoping to cut off any more feedback soon to wrap up the final edit of the book. We are endeavoring to get an indexed version of the PDF to you shortly. We will use that version to order color print proofs.

We could never have done all this without your amazing support.

But if you are willing, we do still need your help for another kind of feedback!

The Pathfinder RPG's coming edition shift certainly surprised us last year and has us wondering what version or rules system our backers want to see us work in the  most. Should we stay in the Pathfinder 1E/3.5 compatible realm or move on? Switch elsewhere? Concentrate on setting information that is system agnostic? Release in-world fiction? Help us determine the future of the City of 7 Seraphs in new products after the final release. This survey is totally optional and will not impact your rewards if you don't take it. Let us know where you stand here:

Thank you again for everything (especially the patience)!

-Lost Spheres